Different Role, But Still Exciting

This past Monday night, I took on a different role at our latest Toastmasters meeting in Naugatuck because I couldn’t think of anything to give a speech on, but it was pretty cool doing something else.

Now, my role for this meeting was to host a part of the meeting called Table Topics. What I did was go to the head of the table-I felt a little like a game show host- and choose a different person from our group. Then I asked that person to speak for one and a half to two minutes about a question I had asked them. Some questions that I asked different people included: if you had the money, where would you travel, what pet animals do you like or fear the most and if you could live on just two foods, what would they be?

All together, I had seven or eight different questions that I asked members that I chose to answer a question. I think I was up there far longer than I would have been giving a speech, but I still didn’t have any problems. I feel that I chose people then presented my questions with ease, not anxiety. The reason I think that I was feeling comfortable was because there were others taking part in this “game’ with me, so I didn’t always have people looking over at me like I would during a normal speech.

Even though I wasn’t giving a speech on Monday night, I still got practice working with relative ease in front of a crowd of people without stumbling over my words or freezing(not seizing) up.

For the next meeting, in two weeks, I chose once again to try a different role: Toastmaster. This is a position where I’ll be in charge of announcing each different part of the meeting, from start to finish. Some of my roles will include announcing names of people who are about to deliver a speech, along with Following this maybe I’ll have something to give a speech about.

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