Blue Boy Boxing: Exciting Workouts

Back in 2017, my wife Ann had a great idea for me, though, apparently, I didn’t immediately take to her idea: to join the fairly new boxing gym that had opened up in Thomaston.

According to Ann, part of the story goes like this: when I first started to go to Blue Boy, owners Coach Kareem and Nina Blue allowed me to work one-on-one because, Ann said, I didn’t feel comfortable working within a group. However, that soon changed when I began boxing three days a week(Mon,Weds,Fri) with a group whose members had Parkinson’s Disease.

Through the years I’ve been able to meet a lot of nice people, but things have changed since I started and the members now, other than maybe one person, have left the Blue BoyBoxing Club for different reasons. Even so, other people have joined and our group has carried on still going strong!

Now, I do enjoy going to my workouts each week because, no matter whether it’s Kareem, Nina or Shane, they are thorough with what they want to do, yet not too serious as they go through the workout.

On some days, our workouts will be mixed up with fairly light weight reps on a number of weight machines. We also may work on a slew of smaller punching bags which move around and can be fairly tough to punch. The purpose of those bags is to help hand/eye coordination.

Now, when I first started boxing, I was having far more seizures than I’m. having nowadays. In my opinion, boxing has definitely been the main source of that improvement. It has certainly filled in nice very well for the running I can no longer do because of arthritis. Although riding a bicycle is certainly helping me a bit, its the boxing that has been able to keep my entire body feeling good.

Anyway, this wouldn’t have happened if Ann hadn’t”t made this brilliant move and signed me up. Anyone, disabled or not, ought to come by Blue Boy and check this place out because they know boxing and they run a classy joint. Keep it up, guys!!

2 thoughts on “Blue Boy Boxing: Exciting Workouts

  1. Bravo Dan!!
    Some of us have met Kareem and Nina and they are true angels. They care about you and you can see that. I’m so glad you are still boxing!!
    Love you


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