So Nice Having Him Home

Yeah, Eric is talented enough to be one of the few people from his school chosen to attend this classic place. He’ll begin May 7, attend three comedy-related classes-improv, intro to stand-up one other that I forgot the name of, and be there for a total of six weeks. How could a parent, sorry, make that two, not be proud?

Ann and I just returned from New York after bringing Eric to John F. Kennedy International airport to catch his flight back to school in North Carolina. Even though we left real early-6am or so- we all talked with one another, cherishing one another’s company with plenty of happiness and humor in what would be our last time seeing him before heading to The Second City, the legendary sketch and improv comedy theater and training center in Chicago.

Anyway, he got back to school without a problem Sunday night, eager to begin his next semester but as always we were so happy to see him again and he looks wonderful! Ann, Eric and I were to go out to eat on the night before he flew out to NC. It wasn’t anywhere fancy, but it gave us a chance to be together for a while. With Ann working and Eric doing different things with friends of his from high school, I am very happy that we were able to make this happen.

I’ll admit that this blog took longer than I wanted to to piece together, but that’s only because the main subject was our beautiful and talented son Eric, and he is certainly worth the time. After all, I want to remember that he had been here. I’m proud to say that we have raised a bright and confident guy, off on his own own striving to do what he loves the most for a lifetime in one or another. I have no doubt he’ll reach every goal that he sets for himself.

4 thoughts on “So Nice Having Him Home

  1. I’m glad you had a great visit with Eric. I’m so excited for him to be going to Second City in Chicago for 6 weeks. That is HUGE!!!
    He’s a great guy who is going places! 🥰 and I’m proud to call him my nephew.
    Love, Sharon


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