Our Pleasant Visit to AZ

I’ve only been home a couple of days from a super trip that Ann had organized for us, 10 days of mostly beautiful weather, opposite from the cold, East Coast weather, that we took to Arizona, and let me tell you, I sure do miss it!

Our trip started in Sedona, where we visited and stayed with our friend, Pam, someone we’ve known for many a year. On our first day there, the three of us had breakfast at the Briar Patch. After this, we headed to a nearby art fair. We certainly didn’t spend much time there, but it was(100) great seeing Pam! She’s always been very pleasant.

Next up, we-Annette, our next host Andrea, and I- headed back to Scottsdale and met at Zlata’s house for lunch. Andrea and Zlata both worked at the Plaza-Scottsdale Plaza Resort-when Annette and I met. Anyway, we had a nice lunch, a lotta laughs and it was great to see Annette so relaxed.

Now, the next day, we went back to Gilbert to take a look at the beautiful house we once lived in. Nice to see and just as mellow a neighborhood as I remember. It was beautiful! Now(200), the next day, Ann, Andrea and I went to the first of two spring-training games at the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale. Though there wasn’t a real big crowd, the game was great with the Angels edging the Rockies 10-9. High-scoring with a few homers, and I barely noticed the pitch clock that’s now being used.

On another day, the three of us-Andrea, Ann and I- went biking on trails close to Andrea’s house that ran all the down to Tempe Town Lake, a roundtrip total of eight miles. Not a bad workout for vacation. On another day, just Ann and I went to Sloan Park in Mesa to see the Cubs against the White Sox. Even though the White Sox jumped out to a 6-0 lead, the Cubs were able to tie it and that’s the way it ended. Remember, its only a spring-training game. Even so, we had fun and this time the place was packed!!

We also went to Lake Pleasant in Andrea’s camper, a huge vehicle that she drove with ease. Good times each and every day and now I’d like to thank Ann, my dear wife for this amazing trip(55th b-day trip). You are an amazing woman!

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