Talkin’ Baseball!

Last Friday, Ann surprised me with the coolest suggestion of what we could do for that day, which I believe was Good Friday. I’ll have to admit, I didn’t realize what a long drive it was but, hey, once we showed up I felt like a 10-year kid first, seeing the first Cooperstown sign and next pulling up and seeing the Hall-of-Fame for the first time in person.

It all began, of course, seeing National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum etched above the doors that we entered. The feeling I felt as we first went in was awe. I was finally at the Hall of Fame! And I had my dear love Netnet to thank for this moment. We(and others) now had three floors of which we looked at every single inch of.

Now, being a Yankee fan, I naturally loved the Yankee displays(Ruth, Gehrig,Mantle.etc) the most. Even so, the incredible amount of different displays of bats, balls, players, spikes and uniforms worn by legends as well as historical information was impressive. Not that I thought that it would be anything less.

On top of seeing many major league baseball legends and learning a little about overall achievements, the HOF also does a great job displaying legendary items related to the stars of the past. A few random items that were there included Cool Papa Bell spikes, a Ty Cobb glove, a bowling bag owed by Babe Ruth, and a game-used Roberto Clemente bat jersey and cleats.

Truth is, we could’ve been in there far longer than we were, but we still spent plenty of time there, certainly long enough to make me happy for my first visit. We had lunch at the Doubleday Cafe, great food though I can’t recall what I had. Even so, it was a blast all day long and I couldn’t be more thankful to Ann for all her driving, planning and eagerness to do this with me.

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