Luckily They Didn’t Snap!

All people, myself included, tend to get upset about the silliest things from time to time. Earlier this week(Monday, I witnessed an encounter that included a double dose of rage as people from two cars,one behind the other in a lengthy line waiting to get gas at a busy Cumberland Farms, began screaming obscenity-laced threats […]

No Music, No Problem

Eric’s latest play,Twelfth Night, was performed three times over three days this past weekend. For those who may not know, this play was not a musical, Erics’ preferred kind of play but he was just as smooth playing the part of Sebastian, the twin brother of Viola. I’ll admit that this story was a bit […]

Rocketman Rocked!

A couple of days ago, I saw the above-mentioned(1st word) movie with Ann and I must say that I loved it! Such an interesting story about Elton John, from his days as a child in London with overbearing parents who never gave John, whose real name was Reginald Kenneth Dwight, reason to believe that they […]