Make That Change

The title of this blog was the name of the recital-type show that my son Eric and his schoolmates put on this past Thursday night at his schools'(Waterbury Arts Magnet School) recital hall.

This annual shows’ songs, including Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind, John Lennon’s Imagine, Guns and Roses’ Civil War and my favorite song of the entire program, Easy to Be Hard from the classic Broadway musical Hair promoted peace, something that, especially in today’s world is badly needed and, I’m sure, wanted by so many people.

The reason that I chose Easy To Be Hard as my favorite song was because that was the song that Eric sang. As usual, he nailed it, singing with emotion and passion, just as he had in so many other recitals and plays in the past.

In addition to some very fine musical performances, including a fine guitar performance by Mateo Macias as he sang Civil War, there was also a nice speech presented by International Human Rights and Peace Educator, Musician and Music Educator Peter DiGennaro. DiGennaro talked about the importance of singing and dancing and of how these two things play an important part for different cultures worldwide.

This year’s show featured a real nice combination of solos, chorus and ensemble performances and even a poetry “Modern Society” reading by student Jillian Mike. The poem talked about what today’s kids see in their lives, things like racism, violence and hate and of how they deserve better.

This show ran very smoothly and everyone involved did a real nice job.






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