Happy Birthday my dear Netnet

Today, 11/3, is my dear wife Annette’s birthday. The name I used in the this blogs’ title is a nickname that I called her quite often when we first started dating (I was/am Dandan). Overall, we have been together a little more than 20 years, but it was her outgoing personality that allowed us to first get together because I never had the smoothest approach when it came to meeting women or asking them out.

That was the case with Annette as well. For heavens’ sake, this angel was kind enough to agree to a date when I asked her out for the first time when, after hearing my cheesy pick-up line- So, do you date much?- she could have either laughed at me or answered yes when I asked her out. Fortunately for me, she chose the latter and we have had a wonderful life together ever since.

Annette has always believed in me and is also a wonderful mother to our soon-to-be 15 son Eric. On top of doing her own job, she has brought Eric to many a rehearsal through the years, always taking her role as a mother as serious as she takes her own job.

Now that I know her,  I can see why she didn’t dismiss me after our first date, a night on which she saw me seize for the first time. Annette loves a good challenge, whether with work or just life in general.

Annette and I have had a great time since we first met, have laughed often while facing some of life’s challenges and hurdles with relative ease. I hope, dear love of mine, that your special day is spectacular because you deserve that, my dear Netnet.


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