Things Could Be Worse

After waking up yesterday morning, Erics’ first day of his sophomore year, to help Ann and Eric get things ready for their respective days, I was suddenly sucked into the mysterious darkness and depth of another petit mal seizure. Though this occurrence is nothing new, I truly believed that the intensity of this one was greater than the few I have had over the past few months.

Sure enough, I had another seemingly endless seizure this morning and, had I not had any errands to run, I would have fallen asleep in a second.

Then again, I am not a doctor so both of these very well may have been the same, average seizure that I usually have. Many people might write about trips that they took, hobbies that they might have or something else but, as it turns out for me, like it or not, epilepsy is probably with me for good but at least I don’t feel any pain. For that one reason, I consider myself pretty lucky, willing to tell any readers of this blog that so many others live with far more painful ailments or injuries than I do.

For that reason, I consider myself quite lucky. Epileptic seizures certainly and usually take a good part of my day away from me but, all in all, I consider myself to be pretty normal because there are plenty of things that I can still do, from walking to running to laughing to parenting and marriage, plus much more.

On top of doing my best to keep our house clean, whether that means doing an occasional errand for Ann, either a load of laundry, washing some dishes or even mopping the floor, I’ll make an occasional dinner when Ann wants me to or run any errands when it is necessary.

Many of the things that I have mentioned in this particular blog, things like running errands, cooking food or cleaning our house probably sound boring to a number of people, but being able to rebound from a seizure time and again is a pretty big reason, in my opinion anyway, why I continue to live each day of my life fully and with a positive attitude. Good day to all!






3 thoughts on “Things Could Be Worse

  1. Wonderful blog. Great attitude. Keep it and nurture it.
    You are one of my favorite guys because of the battles
    you fight and win every day with epilepsy.


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