A Truly Miraculous Occurence

Sure, the topic of this blog is quite similar to the last one, but what I was doing when I seized surprised me. The fact that I got home in one piece is kind is pretty amazing.
Some how, some way through the years, I have had seizures(before yesterday) in all kinds of places and most of the time, I was usually safe in the places that I had them because I was sitting or standing
Yesterday morning,while going to get some dog food, I had a seizure while riding my bike. Yikes! Anyway, while it could of have been disastrous, my now clear mind as I write this tells me that I must have somehow stopped my bike and gotten out of the road, which I had already been on the side of when this seizure struck. I say this because when I awoke from the seizure, I can barely recall that I was standing on the side, out of the road repeatedly blinking my eyes, shaking my head, figuring out exactly why I was, where I was going-Rite-Aid- and why…. to buy a couple cans of dog food.
The rest of exactly what I did is quite foggy though I believe that I bought what I intended to,then made my way back to the house.
Fortunately, for me, my body seems to shut down during my seizures which I assume is why my bike comes to a stop pretty quickly. The part that baffles me is how I did not drift into traffic. Not that I’m complaining.
I had gone running about an hour before past the same area where I so maybe that somehow played into me staying on the side during the seizure. Who knows? Only God knows the answer to that.
When I got back to the house, I realized that, despite all the darkness in my mind, I had bought the same food that I always do. I know, I know, buying dog food isn’t rocket science, but having no clear memory of actually buying the food and then seeing that it was the right kind is, well, fascinating to me. Despite barely remembering where I was and what happened when I seized, I can honestly say that I have no memory of riding back to my house after I bought what I needed and wonder how the heck I got there safely without injuring a bone in my body. Not that I’m complaining.
In fact, I consider it a miracle.

4 thoughts on “A Truly Miraculous Occurence

  1. My dear,brave brother,
    You Must have Angels watching over you and I thank God for that.
    You continue to live your life and Stay active,never knowing if you will have a seizure, instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself.
    Love you,


    •        There’s no other way I could think of living, dude, because to do otherwise, I believe, would be an insult to how Mom and Dad raised us. Thanks for reading the blogs Sharon, I do appreciate it.  I hope that Travis and you are doing well. Love, Dan


    •    Thanks dad. I plan to write my next blog sometime this weekend after I see Eric’s next play, Legally Blonde. For this one, he’ll be part of the ensemble, but I know he’ll have the same enthusiasm that he does when he plays lead roles.    I hope that all’s well with you.


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