Blue Boy Boxing Club is Quality Place

Having recently begun my 10th month of workouts at the BBBC, here in Thomaston, I have gotten to know the owners, Kareem and Nina Blue, quite well. On top of getting a superb and thorough workout three times a week,one hour per workout, music is always blasting and those two are usually laughing or smiling, therefore keeping everyone in the class loose and comfortable throughout each session.
Lets face it, we have all had them, those strict and demanding instructors or coaches who are practically allergic to smiling and having fun, choosing instead to take win-at all-cost approaches which usually takes the fun out of doing any kind of sports for those who’ve had those kind of coaches.
That’s never been the case at the Blue Boy Boxing Club and I love it. Kareem, who is the primary instructor, is always willing to explain different punches or combinations that he may have instructed us to do for one of the rounds, if someone(me)can’t or didn’t figure it out the first time. Nina is always a willing sparring partner, throwing on some sparring mitts and going around to take a few punches from every one of us while offering useful tips when necessary. Different punches used include jabs,hooks, uppercuts and short, straight punches, often used in different combos. Also, for anyone confused, we’re each punching heavy bags, not one another.
Before and after we go through the rounds,eight three-minute rounds in all, with about one minute rest between each round, Kareem shows and instructs us how to do different stretches which are done to keep us from hurting ourselves and to stay loose. For example, before we even put our gloves on, the stretches we do focus on our hips,fingers,legs, arms,shoulders and even our necks.
After the boxing portion of each class finishes up, we all get down on the floor, this time to do stretches that assure that we’ll all leave their workouts feeling loose and comfortable. It has definately worked, for me, at least.
From the time I first worked out there, I always felt like these kind of workouts were just as good for me than the runs I take. In fact, they are the perfect substitute for me when the weather gets real cold and I run far less.
Anyway, that’s been my experience thus far and I’m quite sure that I will continue to enjoy it a great deal. Check ’em out! Their address is 400 Watertown Road, Thomaston,CT, their phone number is 860-880-8038. They can also be reached via
One more thing: Remember when I said that Kareem and Nina are big smilers? Well, Kareem and a few others will be performing this coming Saturday night(10/27) in the 3rd Annual Costume Comedy Show at Memorial Hall on 10 The Green in Bethlehem,CT. The show is presented by Blue Boy Entertainment. Doors open at 7 and the show begins at 8. Tickets are $20 each or $150 for a table of 10.

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