Happy Fathers’ Day Dad!

Just like I did for my late mother for Mothers Day, it is now time for me to write a fitting tribute about and to my now 85-year old father. Here goes: As a person, and, most importantly,as a father, this man has always been the kind of dad strong enough to treat all 10 of his children with equal love and respect our entire lives.
Just like mom, he was tough, or firm when he needed to be but there was never any doubt that he loved every one of us. Growing up, there were disagreements or arguments between him and any one of his kids from time to time, just like there are in every household but those situations were always handled the right way. By saying that, I mean that he never physically or verbally hurt us in an attempt to try and get his point across to us.
As busy as he was as a well-known, award-winning sports writer(Hartford Courant)who traveled to cover many big-time events, including a Super Bowl, a few World Series’ and the Fight of the Century between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden, among other things, I believed his heart was always at home with mom and his children.
Back when we were kids, he coached my brothers'(Owen, Kevin and Steve’s)’Little League farm team, the Tigers, for a few years.These games were played on weekend mornings, so dad had plenty of time to get to games he was or might be covering later in the day or that night.
As dad has grown older, he’s been living at an assisted living home. Even so, any one of his kids, near and far, have been willing and able to help him when he needs it, either with a phone call or with one or more of us dropping by to visit with him for a while or help him with something, if need be.

It is my opinion that dads must be strong and confident to help raise their children the proper way. That is you, my friend, that is you. Always has been and always will be.

Well dad, you have taught me an awful lot in my lifetime, but the most important thing I believe I have learned from you was how to become and act like a real man, a confident man knowing that I can do some things that I never thought I would be able to do… like writing. As you know, I often write blogs like this one, and each time that I write one and send it out, I feel very good about myself because I get such great feedback from some of those who read them, including yourself. Plus, they’re just a blast to throw together!
Thank you dad! I hope that you have a super Fathers Day! Love, Dan

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