Happy Graduation Eric!!

Walking into his graduation ceremonies today, I noticed 10 chairs lined up on the main stage. Little did I know that they were reserved for the top 10 students of the 2021 Waterbury Arts Magnet School. One of those students was Ann and I’s son, Eric and we could not have been more proud!

Eric has put himself in a wonderful position for the future because he worked so hard in school and did so well. All this despite balancing numerous rehearsals for many a play and different work shifts with a full course load with apparent ease. He went right at it, every day, every year without ever complaining. Even with all this on his plate, he never became frustrated or gave up pursuing what he wanted.

And the rewards? As I just said, it began this morning with the beautiful graduation ceremony. And then, a couple of months from now, he’ll be off to UNCSA(University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem) to begin the next chapter of what has already been an amazingly exciting life for him! With all this excitement upon us, I’ve tried to think back to when Eric was younger and first found his love for theater.

Ann helped me, saying that he sang a few songs to Grandpa and numerous relatives when he was just four years old at one of our holiday get togethers. Next up came his stage debut at roughly the same age when he same with a group of other children at a recital-type program. After this, the plays eventually came along.

When I asked Eric how many plays that he had played a lead in, he said between 20 and 25. It’s obvious to me that his talent was wanted by directors in order to give their respective shows a shot at certain success. And they were! Every single time!

Another question I asked Eric was what his two favorite parts to play were. Ready? First was the part of Huey in the play Memphis. Next was playing Demetrius in A Midsummer Nights’ Dream. I was hardly surprised! Eric has always taken challenges head on and, well, playing those two roles were certainly two of his biggest theatrical challenges. Even so, he always made it look so easy when he was up there, and I’m quite sure that it wasn’t.

Now, it was only fitting that Eric brought home a gang of awards at the Waterbury Arts Magnet School Awards Night recently, but he also sang one song, Go The Distance from the movie Hercules. As usual, he did a great job, one last shining moment singing an entire song a

And, so, this is it, I am finishing this blog wanting to say that I am so, so very proud of all that you have done Eric! You’re a great guy who never gave mom, myself, teachers or anyone else a hard time and that says a lot about what kind of a guy you are. We love you!!

Congratulations on a job well done, Eric!! Love, Mom and Dad


4 thoughts on “Happy Graduation Eric!!

  1. Dan, what a beautiful tribute to your son, my nephew Eric.
    He is a great kid who will go far in his life-thanks to Annette and you.
    You did a great job raising him !


  2. Great piece Danman! Indeed you & Annette should be proud of yourselves- he’ll of a job you did raising Eric!

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