The Power of Words

Every time that I text our son Eric, I make it a point to ask how all things in his life are going, sometimes from the condition of his car to the progress and/or success of the courses that he is taking.

Now, as a college sophomore with a full schedule, I know that he has a real busy schedule. Therefore, some of the texts that I send out go unanswered and I don’t get all PO’d at him. Instead, I go on with my life and remain proud as hell of him.

Now, if I open my computer in the morning and see a small message from Eric as I did yesterday, I still react, practically, like a small child because I am so elated. When I saw his message, I had a smile from ear to ear because, despite his busy schedule he responded to my last text with only a few words but it meant the world to me. There were just seven words- I Love You! Thanks for Checking In!- but they really moved me when I read them! Of course, those words came from Ann and I’s only child so they were bound to wreak a little emotional havoc.

It is hard for me to believe that he is now a grown man, but, God Almighty, time certainly flies by and Eric has(and continues) to do very well in school as he works toward what he want to do for a living. I’m not quite sure what he wants to do, but there is no doubt in my mind that he will succeed no matter what he does!

Next month, Ann and I will take another trip down to North Carolina to see Eric for Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to that, of course, because it’ll be a nice reunion for us and a chance to catch up with him, and if he wants, him with us. The end of the previous sentence is a joke, of course. Both Ann and I treasure these trips because its such a great time each time we’re there. We(Ann, Eric and I) have never had troubling relationships with one another so our time together is a happy reunion. I cannot wait!!

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