What Turning 55 Means To Me

Just a couple of days ago, I turned 55 years old, an age at which my dear mother mother passed away nearly 35 years ago. Now, I was 20 years old when she died and now, I’ve got a 20 yearly son myself. Believe me, my wife, Ann and I didn’t plan things to be exactly that way, but as I approached my birthday, I couldn’t get these little facts out of my mind:it was as if God had a reason he arranged it so that my child was also 20 years old on my 55th birthday.

I am not looking for sympathy writing this type of blog. No, instead I’m trying to get you, the reader, to see the similarities in me at the time of my mothers’s death and in Eric at just about the time I turned 55, again the age that mom passed. Of course, for poor mom, she passed away and I sucked it up and went on with my life.

For the next chapter of my life, I’ll (God willing) continue to live a fairly healthy lifestyle while our son, Eric, continues his journey through one of the finest universities in America(UNCSA). I’m certainly not trying to say that my life will be better than mom’s life, but I certainly intend to try and let Eric know that he is totally capable of living the rest of his life in a quality fashion by always continuing to work hard.

Anyway, I am happy where I’m at in my life. Even though I continue to have epileptic seizures now and then, I can’t complain. Life is going well for me. I box a few times a week, bike a few miles a week to walk my sister and brother-in-law’s dog as well as walking Ann and I’s own dogs a couple of times each day.

Finally, I would like to thank Ann for the wonderful birthday party that you had for me. Once again, dear one, you showed me what an amazing woman you are. I love you so much!!

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